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Your IVF Journey and Genetic Testing: Ask The Questions, Get The Answers
Don’t miss the opportunity to ask the questions and get the answers on key aspects of your IVF journey and genetic testing on the 16th of November at 7pm.

Joined by geneticist Tony Gordon, nurse specialist Karen Doye and embryologist Stacy Macpherson, who will be addressing common questions on what happens in the lab such as “How accurate is embryo genetic testing? Is there any damage done?”, “Why do some eggs not fertilise?” and “How do I know which type of genetic testing is right for me?” which will then be followed by a live Q&A session.

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Stacy Macpherson
Clinical Application Scientist @CooperSurgical
Stacy joined the field of Reproductive Medicine in 2009 shortly after completing a master’s degree in Biological Sciences at The University of Sheffield. She has worked in both the public and private sector. Stacy completed her ACE certificate and HCPC registration whilst working for the NHS at Cambridge IVF. Following on from this, Stacy joined CARE Fertility where she progressed from Clinical Embryologist to Deputy Laboratory Manager. Stacy served as Web Master for the UK Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE) for 4 years. She joined CooperSurgical in June 2021 as Clinical Application Scientist. In her new role, Stacy provides clinical support, training, and education for customers in the UK&I.
Dr. Tony Gordon
VP Global Genomics Business Development @CooperSurgical
Dr Gordon is a PhD molecular cytogeneticist with over 20 years’ experience in molecular diagnostics. After working at the Institute of Cancer Research in the 1990s, he moved to a number of companies in the diagnostics field before joining BlueGnome in 2006. In 2008, Dr Gordon started the 24sure product line within BlueGnome, aiming to bring BlueGnome’s 24 chromosome screening expertise to pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS/PGTA). After briefly working for Illumina, in 2013, Dr Gordon joined Genesis Genetics as MD, a leading global company for PGT. In April 2016, Genesis Genetics laboratories were sold to the Cooper Surgical Companies (USA). Dr Gordon is currently Vice President of the CooperSurgical Life Sciences Innovation group. Dr Gordon is also a UK State Registered Clinical Scientist and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.
Karen Doye
Clinical Nurse Specialist in Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing @CooperSurgical
Karen has worked for CooperSurgical since January 2018 and continues to build on her experience with pre-implantation genetic testing for monogenic diseases (PGT-M) and for aneuploidies (PGT-A). Karen counsels almost all of the people undergoing PGT-A through CooperSurgical’s UK laboratory, who seek pre-test information or post-test reviews. It is a privilege for her to speak directly to those having particular difficulties having a baby and to help them to understand their results in order to inform decisions afterwards. Prior to her work at Cooper, she has worked in PGT since 2003 at University College London and in the large London fertility clinic, CRGH, so has a wealth of experience in the field and the changes which have occurred over the years.